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The following is the daily blog that we entered for each day of our journey. We did have internet access at each motel along the way, so I was able to update the blog at each of our stops. However, this was much more time consuming than I expected, and, occasionally, I fell a day behind in getting the pictures posted for a particular entry. Moreover, our program schedule was very tight, with little time for serious reflection or proof reading. In fact,  trying to keep up the blog made me even more aware of the incredible accomplishments of the Lewis and Clark explorers. They made their daily journal entries under far more trying conditions than a slow internet connection. Also, the tour historian, Tom Laidlaw continually updated the official Road Scholars blog, which may be of interest, and you can also take a look at Jay and Gina's blog.

A link for each 'blog' entry is given below. The daily entries and photos can be seen by clicking on the links.

Jul 28, 2011: Prologue
Getting ready for the journey.

Jul 30, 2011: Day 0, Saturday
Journey to St. Charles

Jul 31, 2011: Day 1, Sunday
Camp River Dubois & Registration

Aug 1, 2011: Day 2, Monday
St. Louis and Environs
Distance traveled: 79 miles today, 79 miles total.

Aug 2, 2011: Day 3, Tuesday
St. Charles to Independence, MO
Distance traveled: 249 miles today: 328 miles total.

Aug 3, 2011: Day 4, Wednesday
Independence, MO to Council Bluffs, IA
Distance traveled: 297 miles today: 625 miles total.

Aug 4, 2011: Day 5, Thursday
Council Bluffs, IA to Yankton, SD
Distance traveled: 223 miles today: 848 miles total.

Aug 5, 2011: Day 6, Friday
Yankton, SD to Pierre, SD
Distance traveled: 275 miles today: 1123 miles total.

Aug 6, 2011: Day 7, Saturday
Pierre, SD to Bismarck, ND
Distance traveled: 254 miles today: 1377 miles total.

Aug 7, 2011: Day 8, Sunday
Bismarck, ND to Medora, ND
Distance traveled: 213 miles today: 1590 miles total.

Aug 8, 2011: Day 9, Monday
Medora, ND to Billings, MT
Distance traveled: 302 miles today: 1892 miles total.

Aug 9, 2011: Day 10, Tuesday
Billings, MT to Helena, MT
Distance traveled: 271 miles today: 2163 miles total.

Aug 10, 2011: Day 11, Wednesday
Helena, MT to Great Falls, MT
Distance traveled: 113 miles today: 2276 miles total.

Aug 11, 2011: Day 12, Thursday
Great Falls, MT (Rest Day)
Distance traveled: 63 miles today: 2339 miles total.

Aug 12, 2011: Day 13, Friday
Great Falls, MT to Missoula, MT
Distance traveled: 180 miles today: 2519 miles total.

Aug 13, 2011: Day 14, Saturday
Missoula, MT to Lewiston, ID
Distance traveled: 228 miles today: 2747 miles total.

Aug 14, 2011: Day 15, Sunday
Lewiston, ID to The Dalles, OR
Distance traveled: 290 miles today: 3037 miles total.

Aug 15, 2011: Day 16, Monday
The Dalles, OR to Astoria, OR
Distance traveled: 238 miles today: 3275 miles total.

Aug 16, 2011: Day 17, Tuesday
Astoria, OR to Portland, OR
Distance traveled: 112 miles today: 3387 miles total.

Aug 22, 2011: Afterword

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